UberAGKvideosPL is the creator of this wiki and he product a detailed AGK parodies.

Some attributes
First Details of his parodies: 9/10
Second Fun watching his videos: 10/10 (Best in this planet)
Third Speed of video making: 9/10
Other attributes

Angry German Kid seriesEdit

Seson 1:Edit

In this season, Hitler was friendly in episode 1,2 and 3. Harold was a hacker, he is not introduced in season 2 yet. There's intro only in episode 4.Edit

Episode 1&2: AGK gets a bad virus on his computer (Part1&2) - His first episode. The very dangerous computer virus attacks! Who is the hacker? Find it out!

Episode 3&4: AGK plays Minecraft with somebody - AGK likes minecraft! Somebody wants to play with him....

Season 2:Edit

It has very nice and short intro. Action not only happens in Leopold's hause, but also outside. Here's added Leonard and Jake yet.Edit

Episode 5 - Microsoft Sam, the real Leopold's friend - M$ Sam&AGK fights with their enemy. This episode is very detailed and animated.

Episode 6 - Hitler's prison - AGK is trapped by hitler! Jake is added, he now tries with MS Sam rescue Leopold. Hitler sends a killer and rocket to Jake, but he stays alive. It's the first episode where is no Leopold. First episode with both Polish and English launguage.

Episode 7 - Construction of the flying bunker

Warning! List of planned episodes is on the end, because it have major spoilers!Edit


- He is the only AGK maker, that uses Camtasia Studio in right way.

- He was in the episode 172&173 of Brian's Chiem's series.

Upcoming episodes (Major spoilers!)Edit

8 - AGK plays with Hitler

9 - Gun-she

10 - In the Hell

11 - Hot escape

12 - Final battle

Season 3:Edit

13 - AGK's life is back to normal

13 - 4 Leopold's brothers

14 - The Leo vs. Fegelein

15 - Hitler is free

16 - Hitler's secret construction

17 - The Leo vs. Tunak Tunak Tun


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